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"Connecticut owes TrueVote CT a debt of gratitude...Their willingness to shoulder civic responsibility and to apply their expertise and vigilance to the cause has helped to protect and strengthen voting in Connecticut." - The Hartford Courant, December 7, 2006


TrueVoteCT is a non-partisian group of Connecticut voters dedicated to bringing accessible and verifiable voting to Connecticut. Our democracy demands that all voters be assured that they can cast their ballots on election day, privately and free from coercion, and that their votes will be counted accurately and fairly. To achieve this requires openness and transparency of the voting process.  Our role is to educate state and municipal voting officials and the public on technical issues of voting technology and to help ensure that Connecticut acquires the most cost-effective and trustworthy voting technology available.

TrueVoteCT was instrumental in passing Connecticut's paper ballot bill in 2005  . In 2006 we were instrumental in the selection of Optical Scan voting equipment and the rejection of DRE (touch screen) voting equipment. 


    Bill Bunnell Retired engineer
    Michael Fischer Professor of Computer Science, Yale University
    Ralph Morelli Professor of Computer Science, Trinity College
    Christina Spiesel    Yale Law School
    Rich Sivel West Hartford Citizens for Peace & Justice

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